18. März 2009

Thanks, GOOGLE! Now the whole regatta is about targeting.

A concept for the future, a progressive approach, a fantastic idea, maybe a good thing for tomorrow – that is what targeting was for many marketeers till now. Last week this changed dramatically: Google announced its new targeting tools.

From now on targeting technology will be on the top of online marketing’s agenda. From one day to the other, this announcement made targeting the new currency of online advertising. I am very happy about this development. We don’t have to discuss anymore whether or not should targeting be the new way to go, whether or not targeting will be successful. It is. Now that is fact. In some years time looking back on online marketing’s history we will see a big break in early 2009. From today on targeting will be more relevant, more accepted and in less then 3 years every second ad will be distributed via targeting technology.

These years will be a great regatta for the whole market. This race will be fast, tight, windy, sunny and sometimes even rough. We all know that there will be different types of boats in this competition, fast and small, big with a high payload or fast with a racy hull.  How do we take part in this game: We are providing the technology that helps our client’s vessels to go as fast as they can.

If you are a publisher and you want to stay independent, you use our targeting technology and bring ahead your own business. If you are a media agency, we can be the basis of your targeting activities. You stay in control, you pick the rules, you are the captain on the bridge.

What I really like about this starter’s gun: Now that this big targeting regatta is put to sea it will be all about details, improvement and the slight differences of technologies. We have 10 years of experience in developing targeting technologies and have already brought them to market successfully. We did this with a variety of partners and customers. If you want to build a big fleet, a cargo ship or a set of speedboats, wunderloop has the technology to boost your engines, the right sail to use your upcoming tailwind. Let’s run ahead!

This article was originally posted on www.wunderloop.com/blog.


Liebe Leser und Abonnenten, ich habe mir vorgenommen, wieder mehr zu Bloggen. Vor allem mit meinen Kollegen gemeinsam unter www.wunderloop.com/blog – wenn ich in eher privatem Rahmen etwas schreiben will, werde ich das natürlich auch weiterhin hier veröffentlichen, aber an alle Leser, die an dem interessiert sind, was ich in meinem Job mache: HIER das wunderloop-blog ABONNIEREN! :-)

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